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Benefits of Outsourcing Your App Development Project

Benefits of Outsourcing Your App Development Project

Outsourcing has been a trend in the IT world since the beginning. A company generally thinks to outsource work in situations when it does not have an immediate talent pool with a particular skillset or when it requires performing tasks which are not business critical in nature or needs an avoidable additional expense. So, if […]
Top New Virtual Reality Headsets under $50

Top New Virtual Reality Headsets under $50

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets simply convert your smartphone into a device that allows you to watch 3D cinema and play games in a virtual environment. It is true that Apple does not have any VR headsets of their own, but that doesn’t mean iPhone users can’t enjoy the fantastic 3D experience. Many new VR headsets […]
Congrats to our partners MLB Construction on the launch of their new website!
Did you know that Codify does logo design? Check out a recent logo makeover we completed for MLB Construction Servi…
Congrats to our client ElectriSpecNY for releasing their new website today! Call us if you…
The Minneapolis Institute of Art and 3M team up to roll out a new AR app for museum goers
Were seeking new clients! Have a cool new idea for a mobile app? Give us a call and let’s get started.
Check out our latest project at This project came complete with a blog and e-commerce compo…
Have your food and drinks delivered at the next ball game with the Unity Game Changer app! Check out their new webs…
From the Codify Blog: The Dawn of Augmented Reality Apps and the Markets They are Affecting
New from the Codify Blog, Why the Initial Mockup Phase is the Most Important Step in App Development…
This week from the Codify blog, The Benefits of Outsourcing Your App Development Project. Don't try to do everythin…
Test Driven Development - The importance of writing tests before you start to code
Top new virtual reality headsets under $50 from the Codify blog
Our new company website is up and running! Head over there and check it out!
Take time to reflect on all of your wonderful accomplishments throughout this year! Keep pushing yourself to do more in 2018! 🤩
Wishing you a very safe and happy holiday from Codify! 🎁
2018 is almost here! AR is going to change the way we live and work in a big way this year. Here are some ways augm…
Airbnb looking into the prospect of VR and AR integration to show off rental listings!
Ways to improve your app development timeline and create a better finished product
Keep yourself protected online, set Chrome to launch Incognito by default
Facebook's new program for startups and students in India set to spread VR tech

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