The Dawn of Augmented Reality Apps and Markets They are Affecting

The Dawn of Augmented Reality Apps and Markets They are Affecting

The Dawn of Augmented Reality Apps and Markets They are Affecting

Augmented Reality (AR) is a brand new technology that gives the user an immersed experience by overlaying a computer-generated environment onto the physical world using a camera and/or GPS data. To create these AR experiences, Apple has come up with a platform called ARKit. This kit is a tool and a boon for developers that simplifies the creation of AR applications. Until now many AR apps have been mainly associated with gaming, but with increasing adoption, its course of significance has spread out in the various sectors of the market.

Remarkable Medical Assistance

What makes it necessary for AR to intervene in the health care industry is the complexities involved while working with the human body. Treating human bodies is like playing with fire. Often new or less experienced surgeons hesitate while performing a critical surgery. Hence, ARKit built applications can assist doctors by presenting visual aids of complex medical procedures, along with a patient’s previous medical records. Training can also be provided in the most amazing and interactive way. While learning, the trainees get a 3D view of a part which can be rotated, maximized, minimized, as well as helpful annotations right in front of their eyes. AR can make complex tasks simple.

DIY Machine Maintenance

AR makes the less travelled road easy for a greenhorn. With the heads-up display, a novice performing maintenance on a machine can see the virtual image of the parts and its related information in front of him. Also, simulations can be viewed which can guide throughout the maintenance process. Thus instead of depending on the experts, a beginner can at least perform the basic repairs like replacing filters or changing tires, all in a safe and digital environment.

Restaurants with 3D Menus

We’re going to see that restaurants are going to be one of the main beneficiaries of the new AR world. There is a restaurant named Kabaq that gives an exciting 3D feel to their customers. Before placing their food order, customers get a beautiful 3D view of what their food will look like, allowing them to get a “taste” of what they order. This also enables the owners to present their food in magnificent 3D images, providing attractive visualization of the dishes and adding opportunities for sales.

AR Gaming Reaches to a Next Level

With the onset of ARKit, the gaming industry has also seen a swing. Instead of being in an artificial environment and enjoying games, like playing your Xbox, it is now possible to play games in the virtual world while remaining in the real world itself. An example would be using a VR headset to play an overlayed version of Super Mario Brothers in the middle of the park. So much for getting off the couch!

ARKit in the Art Industry

ARKit’s reach has extended to the field of art also. It allows developers to create virtual replicas over the existing solid space and mold them with different design tools. Even the color of sculptures or paintings can be easily modified by creating them with 3D models. Vanilla white surfaces can be brought to life digitally with ARKit apps. Artists can now make and design their pieces of art in a world that can change to meet the mood of the moment.

This list will only continue to grow. There was a time when the phone usage was limited to calls and entertainment. Now with AR, an entire new mindset has been adopted among smartphone users, opening new doors for developers. Soon it might be hard to distinguish the physical world from the digital, and that is an exciting prospect…

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